Women need to be engaged. Women need to be active. Women need to be empowered.

For far too long, women from all walks of life have struggled to achieve their goals and live out their dreams. Many have been neglected, rejected, and not given any support or hope. These are the women that we work for, the women who are seemingly forgotten by society.

I Dare U (IDU) works hard to provide much-needed training, leadership, and encouragement. We believe that every woman should be given the chance to discover her true potential. Our social enterprise helps women build confidence, gain skills, and become empowered through active community engagement.

Imagine a world where women support one another, helping each other to reach their goals and live their dreams. At IDU, we firmly believe that we can create a better world by teaching women leadership skills and building their confidence. By offering projects and programs that are designed with our values, we engage women by creating a network that empowers.